10 reasons


Why Us? There's more to it than just managing technology. Here's 10 of the many reasons to choose BG&A as your IT services partner.



We are always available.

We know that not everyone works on the same schedule. If there is an emergency, or you just have a question, call or email us - we'll be there.


We're affordable.

When you truly consider the facts - when you add up all of the features - we undeniably offer more value than any nearest competitor. Sometimes you have to look beyond the price and consider all things such as quality, integrity, support and then features. There is a cost to the “cheap guys” - don’t let them burn you.


We hire amazing employees.

Our employees are the most dedicated and knowledgable you'll find anywhere. Server down in the middle of the night? No problem, give them a Red Bull and stand back. Simply, we work hard to find, hire and train the most talented individuals possible and we work hard to keep them.


We've been in this business a while.

Though our company started in 2008, the BG&A team has been working together for most of the last 10 years. We're not "fly by night" - we're not going anywhere.


Businesses needed a new IT services partner.

We believe IT services companies should align their services and pricing with the goals of their clients. Businesses are demanding greater return on IT investments and the break/fix approach of traditional service providers is not cost effective with today's complex technology. Our approach ensures that we are not successful unless our clients are.


No surprises, no hidden costs.

Understanding technology can sometimes be hard enough. Trying to figure out what that new technology investment is really going to cost should be simple. Our approach is clear and transparent.


Top tier datacenter.

Our monitoring systems are owned and operated by us in a telecom-grade hosting facility. Utilizing redundant systems, we are protected by the highest standards of power, cooling, and security. That means while you're sleeping, we're watching your critical business systems 24/7/365.


We are not all things

We only accept engagements and tasks that our experience and expertise has qualified us for. We don't commit to projects that compromise our ability to deliver on our previous obligations. And we will always make recommendations that are in the best interests of our clients.


We partner with the best.

By aligning ourselves with the industry's top technology leaders, we are able to provide the most complete solutions, the latest innovations, and products from companies that will be around tomorrow. Not only are we a Microsoft Registered Partner, but we are also a Cisco Systems, McAfee and VMware Partner as well.


We rise to the challenge

Just like all complex things, your IT systems may occasionally encounter problems. When something unexpected happens, we immediately rise to the challenge and provide transparent status updates in real-time through our Client Access Portal.