Cisco Nexus 1000v – Free!

Today Cisco announced two new editions of the Nexus 1000v switch, which is designed for virtual environments. If you haven’t tried it already, we recommend downloading and installing the Essential Edition as this will provide most environments with deeper control and visibility into the network. This version will operate for 240 days, after which a nominal support fee is required.

From the announcement:

“The Nexus 1000V Essential Edition provides all the rich Layer-2 networking features to connect virtual applications to the network and integrate into VMware environments, including: VXLAN capability, Cisco vPath service insertion, integration with vCloud Director, and a plug-in for management and monitoring in VMware’s vCenter Server. This free version will enable rapid, low-risk adoption of Cisco’s virtual network technology environments.”

Here’s what other Cisco customers think of the 1000v:

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One Response to Cisco Nexus 1000v – Free!

  1. Brian, just to clarify, users should download release 1.5.2 today for a free trial period from the link in the Cisco blog. This trial period will run up to 240 days. When release 2.1 comes out, then they can upgrade for free to the Essential Edition and decide whether or not to pay the optional support fee. The Essential Edition is now in beta (release 2.1). Thx.